Filecatalyst Alternative: Resilio Connect to the Rescue

Filecatalyst Alternative: Resilio Connect

Filecatalyst Summary Based in Ottawa, Canada, Filecatalyst was recently acquired by HelpSystems in January 2021.  It’s not clear what will happen to the Filecatalyst product line. As of this writing, HelpSystems continues to sell the file transfer technology and offer customer support.  HelpSystems has acquired around 20 or so companies since 2011.   Like Aspera, Signiant, […]

Part One:  What We’re Hearing from Gaming Customers

The gaming industry is booming. And with the boom comes increasingly complex games that need to be delivered under deadline, by a diversity of contributors working across a variety of locations. There are more artifacts to store and larger build files.  We’re hearing “millions of files” from Resilio customers.  Developers and QA professionals have always […]

From File Servers to Cloud NAS

Before there was network attached storage or “NAS”, there was simply the file server.  Has much changed with cloud NAS?  Well of course, but… Cloud storage is an overarching term describing all sorts of cloud storage services: file, block, object, database, etc.  Cloud storage ranges from personal cloud storage where anyone with an internet connection can […]

The Perfect PeerSync Alternative

PeerGFS Alternative

We’ve heard from Peer Software customers that Peer Software discontinued PeerSync.  Going to Peer Software’s website, they are now only offering PeerSync migration services.  So this is the perfect time to test drive Resilio Connect: the perfect PeerSync alternative.   Peer Software has been pushing their PeerSync customers to migrate to PeerGFS. If your company […]

Compliance with the IMO 2021 Cyber Security Regulation

container ship

Towards the safe and secure operation of vessels at sea and ashore, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) recently added cyber security requirements to critical safety management systems (SMS) under IMO Resolution MSC.428(98).  In recognition of the urgent cyber threats to the global shipping industry, and understanding the massive global impact that a high profile incident […]

Resilio Connect Proxy and Enhanced Data Control and Access Capabilities in 2.12

The COVID pandemic continues to keep many employees working remotely from home. Moving large data sets continues to push the capacity of edge networks, especially WANs and home networks. In response, Resilio has added a number of new capabilities—including a new Resilio Connect Proxy—to make life easier for employees of data-intensive global enterprises.  Building on […]

Improve VDI User Experience with FSLogix Profile Container Sync

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) are rapidly becoming the new standard for delivering desktop infrastructure for any large and increasingly remote workforce.  And yet when providing a Windows virtual desktop, the user experience, login performance, and functionality associated with VDI remains one of the key barriers to wider adoption and end-user […]

How to use SCCM and Jamf for Remote Workers

How to use Resilio Connect, SCCM and JAMF for Remote Workers

As remote work and “work from home” go mainstream, endpoint management solutions that keep critical infrastructure up to date and secure like Microsoft’s Endpoint Configuration Manager (formerly SCCM) and Jamf must adapt to a new operational model.  This post explores using Resilio Connect alongside SCCM and Jamf to overcome performance limitations when patching or software […]

Faster Remote File Access with Resilio Connect 2.10

Transparent Selective Sync Resilio Connect v2.10 introduces an improved selective sync capability, allowing transparent file caching at the local level that is minimally disruptive to existing applications. In selective sync mode, all files appear local, but exist in a dehydrated state and consume zero space on the local disk. When needed, files are streamed on-demand […]

Local Desktop File Caching with Azure Files for Remote Work

Local Desktop File Caching with Azure Files for Remote Work

Azure Files offers fully managed file shares in the cloud that can be accessed over standard protocols such as SMB 3.0.  For added performance, local file caching is currently available on Windows Server using Azure File Sync, but many “remote work” scenarios require an equivalent file cache on local desktop machines (such as macOS or […]

FSLogix High Availability

Maintaining high availability for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) running Microsoft Windows, Office 365, and other applications—without compromising performance—is mission critical for businesses of all types and sizes. Yet, maintaining active-active high availability across sites—without degrading the user experience or data synchronization performance—poses a new set of challenges using conventional storage or file replication tools, especially […]

VPN Alternative: Fast and Secure Remote Access to Your Files

Overview: Remote Access and Work from Home Even before the world made an almost overnight shift to remote work in response to COVID-19, working from home was becoming a widely accepted practice. Global Workplace Analytics studied the annual American Community Survey conducted between 2005 and 2018 and found that regular work from home rose an astounding 173% […]

Introducing Resilio Sync 2.7

Resilio Sync v2.7

We are pleased to announce the availability of Resilio Sync 2.7, which includes several new features and core performance improvements.  New capabilities include: Sync two or more folders on the same computer (pro) Set a custom name for a sync share Manual rescan of a folder Many core performance improvements and bug fixes The release […]

FTP Alternative: Fast, Secure and Reliable File Transfer

FTP alternative

Introduction – File Transfer Protocol (FTP) FTP is a popular solution to implement file sharing within or between organizations. People use it to send and receive files, projects and assets across the Internet. Companies usually choose FTP for simplicity and flexibility. However, the growth of Internet speed, size of data transferred and more complex workflows, […]

How to Check DFS Replication Status

Introduction Distributed File System Replication (DFS-R or DFSR) is a native replication service in Windows that organizations can use to replicate folders across file servers in distributed locations.  DFS-R is available in Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and later and serves multiple purposes, from replicating the SYSVOL directory (replacing the older FRS) and as a […]

FRS to DFSR Migration and Other Options

File Replication for Windows Servers Microsoft has a long-lasting line of products to provide file replication between windows servers. The mechanism of replicating files for a distributed file system allows building a responsive file system with fast local access to files on Windows servers. Replication is an essential part of a Distributed File System (DFS) […]

4 Scenarios for Fast and Secure Remote Worker Data Access

Businesswoman Working From Home

Remote Worker Introduction As companies increase the number of remote workers or employees working for home, the ability to quickly, reliably and securely access company servers and files becomes crucial for business continuity. Increasingly, these solutions need to operate on a “company-wide” scale as businesses prepare for significant disruptions in response to the threat of […]

IBM Aspera Alternative: Fast File Transfer of Large Files

Aspera alternative

IBM Aspera is a well-known software solution for sending big files at high-speed around the globe. It is based on the point-to-point UDP protocol that overcomes TCP/IP insufficiency over long-distance networks (WAN). Although it achieves maximum speed in point-to-point data transfers, it is not the best solution for other uses cases. In this blog post, […]

What is Object Storage? Benefits of Object Storage vs. File Storage

What is object storage? Object storage is a method of data storage that emerged in the mid-1990s as researchers foresaw that existing storage methods would eventually start to show their limitations in certain scenarios. True to its name, object storage treats data as discrete units, or objects, that are accompanied by metadata and a universally […]

WAN Optimized Data Transfer and Sync

WAN optimization | data transfer and sync

What is wide area network (WAN) optimization? The wide area network, or WAN, is a lot like the local area network (LAN) but large. Very large, in fact. Whereas the LAN connects a concentrated pool of devices, the WAN provides a way of unifying smaller networks by linking them together over long physical distances. When […]

Satellite Data: Challenges and Limitations

Satellite Internet Data

What is satellite data? Sometimes it seems physical telecom infrastructure—copper, fiber and the like—has extended to every corner of the planet. But there are still large areas beyond its reach. Many organizations and individuals operate in those remote locations or in highly mobile environments. Their basic connectivity relies heavily on satellite data. Like its name […]